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Please verify your year, make and model on the listing before you purchase to make sure you receive the correct kit.  If you have questions, please ask them before you purchase!

Direct from the manufacturer!
Use this kit with your clock your Borg made clock! This quartz conversion clock repair kit includes a new quartz movement and a small packet of parts. It also includes access to our step-by-step instructional DVD and a written instruction sheet. The quartz movement has a one year warranty. 

The parts included in the parts bag are:

1 new quartz movement made right here in our shop
3 grommets
3 grommet washers
3 dial plate nuts
1 red motion wheel and 1 red idler pinion - used in the before ‘70 cars
1 black motion wheel and 1 black idler pinion - used in the after ‘70 cars

Once completed, the clock will hook up to the car’s 12V battery just like it did before.  Our quartz movement uses 10-11 milliamps (instead of the 3 amps that the original movements used).  If your clock has a second hand, it will sweep around the dial instead of ticking.



 If you have any questions about installation, we provide assistance through our 800 number!

This kit will fit other Borg manufactured clocks. Just send us a message and we'll check if it will fit yours! 


The kit works in Borg made clocks only.  If you clock was made by a company other than Borg, this kit will not fit.

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